Why 1300 number is important for business?

Businesses are of infinite sizes and domains. But, there is an average factor leading to their success – A 1300 number. Termed popularly as ‘local call’ number, this has achieved a cult status among communication solutions to manage incoming calls from customers and clients. Why are your customers so fond of 1300 numbers? How can your business grab the larger slice of the pizza while using it? Let’s delve deeper.

First of all, what is a 1300 number?

Unbeknownst to you, you might have dialed a 1300 number an infinite number of times in your life. A 1300 number is provided to any business after they pay a specific cost. You can break down these fees into individual phone calls or when the business has a choice, they can choose through a monthly value plan with a preset number of calls.

As per the government explanation, 1300 numbers are numbers with a tagged price being shared by the business and the caller. It is different from an 1800 number where the business owner pays the cost. The major perk with a 1300 number is the lowered regional fee or charged rate that are set by telephone companies.

Why Does My Business Need a 1300 Number?

It might not be a welcome move always for many businesses when you have to pay for 1300 numbers. To get a core evaluation on why you should choose a 1300 number, you need to get insights on how it works. When someone calls a 1300 number, it operates under an inbound virtual number telecommunications network. It would route to the hosting network immediately. This time, the network will route in order to connect to a designated answer point. To put it in simpler words, the call would reach the person at the receiving end irrespective of the location of that person.

You should note that the designated answer point could be anything ranging from a mobile phone or a landline. This would enhance the overall flexibility with a sense of professionalism. How about choosing a smart number with a word or a number sequence? That would work magic, isn’t it?

These are the top reasons why you need to shift to a 1300 number:

1.  It hones your customer service abilities

When you use a 1300 number, you can easily direct the incoming calls to mobile phones, landlines or international numbers. Enable availability and flexibility while answering incoming calls, the way your customer prefers.

2.  Never miss an important call

No more hindrances regarding an unanswered call. Direct your incoming calls to the avenue fitting your customer needs. Every local business in Melbourne owes this level of attention to their customer.

3.  Be more professional and reliable

Since 1300 numbers are recognized all over the nation, more than 300,000 Australian businesses are leveraging them. Hence, they are known to strengthen your business identity. While obtaining a 1300 number, you have the liberty to customize it as per your business needs.

4.  It doesn’t cost a fortune

None of the customers want to pay those hefty call costs to contact your business. Hence moving forward with a 1300 number is what you call a smart move. What’s more? You get all the amenities enjoyed by a larger MNC when you buy a 1300 number.

5.  Stay a step ahead of your marketing strategy

When you post your number on a Yellow Page listing, newspapers or online ads, you can track and record every customer call you receive. This steadfastly improves your marketing strategy.

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